Ramina Habibollah


Ramina Habibollah is a Finland-based multidisciplinary artist born in Tehran. In her works, Ramina often combines and layers transparent, iridescent, and porous materials. By doing so, she builds spaces that touch upon notions of ecology, feminism, and cyborg anthropology. She is interested in exploring alternative ways of co-existing with other-than-human bodies and other dimensions. Ramina is currently thinking about connections between deep space and deep sea.

Ramina graduated from Art School MAA in Helsinki in 2017 (FI). Her artworks have been presented in Helsinki at HIAP Gallery Augusta, Third Space, Fascination for Biodiversity, Kivinokka as well as in Objekti 4, Espoo, and Gängeviertel, Hamburg (DE). Together with photographic artist Nayab Ikram, she also forms the curatorial duo in a way.